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Eyebrows                                                       $15
Lip                                                                  $15      
Under Arm                                                    $20
Half Arm                                                       $35
Full Arm                                                        $50
Brazailian                                                     $50           
Half Leg                                                         $35
Full Leg                                                          $50                  Back/Chest                                                    $60 up


Waxing is a precise skill that takes an extremely experienced professional. Several members of our team are known for taking care of any type of body hair or body type. The process is no-nonsense, wax on wax off 5 to 7, minute procedure.

When done properly, the hairs are pulled out by root and after keeping up with an every 4-6 week regiment makes a majority of regrowth from not appearing. Those who do a full body waxing, have marvelous results where they have a no stubble clean, barely there hair, skin.


What we use for waxing?

We use honey wax.
We are very careful in making sure everything is very sterile and clean protecting the well being of of clients.

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